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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is Rivalry Rage™?

Rivalry Rage™ is a social network designed to enhance existing sports rivals and to create new rivalries between sports teams. This site will allow you to upload videos/photos, post on blogs, participate in chat rooms, establish your fan team/network, talk trash to fans of your team’s rivals, and earn points by being the ultimate fan.


2.     What does it cost to join?

Rivalry Rage™ is Free. Just review the User Agreement and Privacy Policy and sign up.


3.     How many favorite teams can I have?

You can only have one favorite team per sports category.


4.     How many rivals can I create?

You can create as many rivals as you like. You cannot select a team as a rival if you have already designated that team as a favorite.


5.     How do I earn points?

The points system is divided between two categories: General Points and Team &Rival Points.  You earn points by inviting others to Rivalry Rage™, adding friends to your network, uploading pictures/videos, commenting and voting on pictures and videos, participating in chat/blog, sharing news/events /post, starting new topics, and your favorite team winning the monthly rivalry.  Points gained for each action are:


            General Points

Inviting new friends not on Rivalry Rage        100

Your favorite team wins the monthly Rival     50

Add new friends to your friends list                20

Share News and Events                                20

Post comments on News and Events           20


Team & Rival Points

Comment on friends page                               5

Comment on Video or Photo                           5

Upload Video or Photo                                    10

Rate/Vote on Video or Photo                           5

Add Video or Photo to favorites                       5

Share Video or Photo                                      20

Start a new topic under teams                        10

Reply to a topic                                                5

Participate in a Chat Room                             20


6.     I don’t see a team or sport I want to participate with?

Send us an email. If we have a request to add missing teams or a complete new sport we’ll add it.


7.     What if I’m offended by items on this site?

Just report what is offensive and we’ll review as soon as possible. We need detailed information so we can track the information down on our servers.