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Dude, what the hell happened the other night? I have never been more stunned and disappointed over this rivalry as i was Wednesday night. Stephen B.


18:17 PM
over 10 years
I hear that brotha. What a pile of crap. of all people to do it, Austin Rivers?! Damn Freshman. It reminded me a lot of last years loss at Duke. UNC was up big and Dook pulled it out in the second half. I was definitely pissed, and disappointed. Oh well it just means they need to get it done in Durham. I saw the shaved leg bet with your brother.
Yikes...don't know if I can be friends with you afterall...my husband, Tim, is from NC and he is a die hard UNC fan, and me being a KU fan sometimes causes friction because y'all stole our coach!! Tim tells me not to be a hater, and says, "Roy just went home." Oh well, as they say, "Time heals all wounds," so I'm slowly, but surely getting over it. If Bill Self could get my Hawks another championship, I'd forget all about my days bowing to Roy in Allen Fieldhouse!!! :-)


11:14 AM
over 10 years
Haha, your husband is a smart man. And it's true Roy did just go home. UNC Graduate, Graduate Coach, and Assistant Coach. Not to mention both his kids went to UNC. As much as I hated KU when they dismantled UNC in 2008, I can't get too made since UNC won it all the next year. KU had a rough weekend though.
Aaron...welcome to Rivalry Rage. There are several UNC fans and Duke rivals on the site. Go to the team pages and you can find other UNC fans. Add a few friends and have fun. Thanks...Tim.


12:31 PM