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Go Heels Beat Puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


09:06 AM
Very nice profile picture. Go Heels.


12:32 PM
Let's see... Carolina has won the last 16 of 17 including 10 in a row. With the last 10 by an average of 15.8 ppg. Please feel free to share that tidbit with that annoying state fan that thinks they have a chance. GO HEELS!!!


23:42 PM
They can wear their little red blazers. Call us "tarholes" (lame). And bring up their little football team all they want. It still doesn't change the fact that they absolutely suck. Why do they think they can't keep a coach?? Because they can't beat us!! Somebody PLEASE tell these wolfpup fans it's not 1983.


23:42 PM
Well Duke lost @ home at the buzzer it was great. Duke fans would say they lost at the buzzer but unc lost by 33. in my eyes unc lost on the road by 33 but duke lost @ home at the buzzer so i my point is duke doesn't lose often at home so it seemed like duke lost by 33.


21:10 PM
Duke lost go tar heels


11:31 AM
go tar heels everyone


12:39 PM
alright Southern Lee starts in the 1st round of the playoffs tomorrow March 12th here we come.


11:38 AM
Welcome to Rivalry Rage Bubba!! I'm glad to see another Tar Heel on here :)


09:26 AM
over 11 years
your welcome sir
go tar heels everyone they beat Clemson


22:45 PM