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Gregg Sterner...get you're ass back on here!


17:15 PM
Hey, Gregg!! Your profile pic is hilarious! Love the decals on the car...hope you were going to a game and not just riding around town - ha, ha! Was freaking out a couple of weeks ago during the Big XII "chaos" -- was really worried the conference would fall apart and we'd be separated from MU and KSU...didn't care about CU and Nebraska leaving, but didn't want to have to create new rivalries if MU and/or KSU went to a different conference than KU. What did you think about that mess? Hope all is well with you, KO and the girls! Please tell them Hi! I just returned from hot, humid MO...glad to be home. Hope to see you all soon!!! Take care and be good! :)


12:15 PM
Welcome to RR Gregg...We are a new site and more updates to the site are coming soon. Enjoy!!


10:42 AM