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Tiger Woods will try and win his first major in over 3 years and 5th PGA championship this week!! Can or will he do it?


08:02 AM
Lebron and the Heat can put OKC in a tough situation with a win in Miami tonight. Can the Thunder pull off a must win game?


12:43 PM
Let the Madness begin. My favorite time and year is here and I'm a happy man.


09:17 AM
Superbowl is about to start!! Who's your pick and what's the final score?!


17:15 PM
UNC vs Duke....just a few short days away. If you're not excited about this game then you're no longer alive.


12:34 PM
Who's going to win the BCS National championship tonight between LSU and Alabama?


18:42 PM
The Mountaineers destroyed Clemson in a record setting performance during the Orange Bowl. In a Bowl season that has produced many close games and several overtimes, WVU dominated in a convincing win over the Tigers.


11:46 AM
NFL Playoff picture is set. What was the biggest suprise? I think Denver winning the AFC West, Dallas once again watching from home, and the incredible year the San Fran 49ers have had.


09:41 AM
NFL week 17. Eagles beat Cowboys, Chiefs beat Denver, Raiders beat Chargers, and Bengels get a wild card birth.


19:20 PM
There will be much to be determined during week 16 of the NFL. Still many scenarios that will effect the playoff picture. The Cowboys will lose to the Giants, Denver will lose to the Chiefs, and Oakland will beat the Chargers


18:21 PM
What a difference a year makes. This time last year I was posting the the Lions finally won a game. This year they are in the playoffs. I don't want to be the team playing the Lions in the first round.


18:15 PM
Man City has been moving up the tables in the English Primier League for the last several years. They currently hold the top position with Man U close behind. Can they stay in the top spot and win the EPL?


18:09 PM
Colts get second win of the season. They better be careful or they'll lose the number 1 pick in the 2012 draft. Will they go after Luck or put faith in a Manning return.?


08:35 AM
Kansas Jayhawks fall to Davidson. The Hawks had great moments and Robinson is truly becoming a super star...but they have got to hit free throws. Come on Hawks...


14:33 PM
Wow...Packers go down to the Chiefs. The 1972 Dolphins players are popping the corks on the Champagne once again.


15:13 PM
Well it is starting to look like the best two teams in the Nation are Ohio State and Kentucky. Will be interesting to see how UNC does on saturday.


17:56 PM
Congratulations to the L.A. Galaxy on winning the MLS cup. Will this be the last game for Beckham in the MLS?


14:54 PM
Good night of college hoops last night. Should be a great season with many talentated teams. Did I hear something about the NBA not playing. Hmmm...guess I just didn't really notice.


07:03 AM
UNC opens their college basketball season friday night in the Carrier Classic against MSU. Super stoked!!


18:52 PM
Dallas pulls out a close one over the Redskins.


02:26 AM
European Soccer seasons are fully underway. Any thoughts on winners of the primary leagues for 2011/2012 seasons?


12:52 PM
NFL is gearing up after a long scare of a delayed season. Let's start talking trash for the upcoming season. I think the Pats are the odds on favorite this year.


19:39 PM
Go and comment on our new video in the "News And Events" page to let us know what you guys would like to see more of in our weekly videos.


08:38 AM
Should be an exciting day at Augusta National for round 3 of the Masters Tournament. Rory McIlroy is in the lead, but will he be able to hold off a desperate Tiger Woods who is only 3 back?


09:26 AM
What a finish to the butler vs pitt game!!


21:56 PM
Day 1 for NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness was as good and also as unpredictable as always. Day 2 is now underway and sure to be as exciting as day 1. FYI my bracket is busted all to hell already :(


12:47 PM
West Virginia Mountaineers win over the Clemson Tigers in game 1 of NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness


13:48 PM
You just have to love the new addition of Sir Charles Barkley to the NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness crew. One of the greatest trash talkers of all time :)


11:47 AM
Glad to see Clemson put the smack down on UAB last night. UAB had no business being in this game to start with. One of several selection committee screw ups.


11:50 AM
You are invited to join our NCAA March Madness bracket group! To accept this invitation and join the group, click the link below (or cut and paste the link into your browser's address bar). You'll be asked to enter the group's password before you can join. The group password is included below. http://rrage.mayhem.cbssports.com/e?ttag=11_cbsinv Our Group password is: trashtalk


12:04 PM
For all you people headed out to the ACC tournament today. Look for me going from tent to tent handing out FREE koozies.


08:19 AM
For all you ACC basketball fans that received Rivalry Rage cards from Dr. Smack and the Smack Pack today in Greensboro, welcome to Rivalry Rage .


11:28 AM
Texas Tech fire Pat Knight...ohhh....


16:44 PM
If your here do to the message I sent you on youtube, shoot us a personal message here on this profile.


12:17 PM
Anyone prepared to give us your final four picks yet?


10:33 AM
What is the NCAA division 1 College basketball record for most rebounds in a game?


07:57 AM
You guys have to check out The Mole & Meares Show at http://www.moleandmeares.com/ You all also need to be looking for a collaboration video that we'll be doing with Mole & Meares in the near future.


07:19 AM
Daytona 500 this weekend. Keep an eye out for a NASCAR video later today.


09:06 AM
North Carolina vs Duke tonight at 9pm. Who's your pick?


10:24 AM
Good God the Tarheels suck. I put all the blame on Roy Williams...over rate, in the right place at the right time to get a coaching start under Dean, has never delivered. Roy needs to gain some leadership skills to put the young talent he has in line.


21:52 PM
#1 Duke falls to unranked Florida State.


06:36 AM
It is gameday in Glendale for the 2011 BCS Championship game. Oregon or Auburn?


14:33 PM
Happy New Year to all. Wishing everyone a fantastic 2011.


11:29 AM
The Eagles have been picked by many of the "Experts" to play in the super bowl. After the week performance against the struggling Vikings the Eagles are going to have to show something spectacular against the cowboys next week. I don't think the Eagles gets by the first round of the playoffs.


08:10 AM
Sports Fans. Rivalry Rage has added a new feature to the website which enables comments on comments. This is for the Friend Feed page as well as you personal My Page. Check it out and let us know what you think. We believe this is the one missing piece to make this a much more interactive site. BTW...if you didn't remember...all of you on this site are one the leading edge of a new site. When this goes viral you can say you were here first.


15:40 PM
With only 2 weeks left in the NFL...who's your picks for the Super Bowl?


10:31 AM
over 11 years
Now with only 1 week left (not counting the game tonight between NO and Atlanta and the Tuesday night game between the Vikings and Eagles)...I'm thinking New England vs Green Bay with the Patriots winning it all.
Great game last night between Duke and Michigan State. Duke sure does look good right now.


08:19 AM
‎"To the common mans eye this picture brings joy, happiness, and a smile to an old tired face. As the poor soul examines the situation more closely, joy turns to pain and agony. Yes, the discovery was made. Four empty Kegs." - Tim Jones


07:52 AM
How about the UT Men's BBall team beating Villanova great win for this team early on


19:34 PM
Duke vs Mich St tomorrow night. What a great early season match up.


19:26 PM
From all of us here at RivalryRage.com...Happy Thanksgiving!!


08:08 AM
What a great game by the Duke Blue Devils last night in a dominating victory over Kansas State. Duke is the real deal. Will the Blue Devils dominate the ACC and the NCAA? Can they repeat?


12:52 PM
Rivalry Week is here and the NC State Wolfpack is set to take on the North Carolina Tarheels this Saturday at 12:00 in Chapel Hill. Game predictions anyone?


14:18 PM
I don't understand, if I try and say I am a rival with Nashville Predators, it takes me to a Nash vs Chicago site. If I do Phoenix, it takes me to a vs San Jose site. How do I make Detroit vs these teams?


14:47 PM
over 11 years
Nick...did you figure it out? If not let us know and we'll help where we can.
What is up with the Cowgirls? Romo being sidelined for a few weeks could be just the break the Cowboys need to turn the season around.


14:37 PM
What do you guys think about the NFL 's new helmet hitting policy?


10:12 AM
Kansas State is preseason #3. That is just very strange.


08:57 AM
Rangers are looking tough. I think we'll see the Phillies and Rangers in the workd series.


13:50 PM
Jimmie Johnson is closing in on 5 straight. Can anyone catch him? I don't think so.


11:23 AM
Rangers win game 2 against the Yankees. Can the Yankees hang and win the ALCS.


00:31 AM
Yankees pulled out a tight one last night over the Rangers. Can anyone stop the Bronx Bombers?


08:53 AM
Who holds the NFL record for the most touchdowns in their career?


10:22 AM
Will Graves has been dismissed from the UNC basketball team


10:00 AM
Navy vs AF tomorrow at USAFA. This should be a great matchup. Navy has dominated the last 6 years but AF is looking very tough. This could be the year the Commander in Chief Trophy goes back to Colorado.


14:46 PM
Is it just me or does Denver really suck. I don't think Tebow will be the savior for the Broncos.


13:44 PM
This Boise St vs VT games is living up to the hype.


20:34 PM
I can not believe Navy losts that game. Terrible. :(


19:02 PM
Matt Leinart to play for the Texans.


10:44 AM
Where will Matt Leinart land...if anywhere?


17:53 PM
How will BYU do as an independent? Was leaving the Mountain West a good or bad move?


09:10 AM
What's on your mind?


08:51 AM
Read how Dr. smack believes that Manny Ramierz needs to STFU and play baseball.


15:21 PM
Watch Dr. Smack and The Smack Pack over at the news and events page as they talk about what RR is all about.


15:19 PM
The Rockies 9/11 tickets contest give away winner will be announced on Wednesday. For those of you with Rivalry Rage T-Shirts, get your last minute pictures or videos on the www.rivalryrage.com site ASAP for a chance to win.


12:45 PM
BJ Penn falls again to Frankie Edgar, as Frankie legitimizes his championship. Can BJ ever regain the 155 crown or is this the end of the UFC road for BJ?


12:27 PM
Will St. Louis Rams young quarter Sam Bradford, who will definitely start the season opener, stay healthy or will injuries continue to plague him? Will he be as successful as the Jets Sanchez last year?


21:37 PM
Who is your top 5 College Football teams of all time?


09:11 AM
I met Lynell Hamilton this morning in the hotel lobby in Pensacola Florida. Lynell just had his ACL repaired and seemed in good spirits. He's a very nice guys and all of us at Rivalry Rage wish him all the best and a fast recovery.


08:30 AM
Check out the News And Events page and what Dr. Smack has to say about the return of Brett Favre.


10:06 AM
During the final hole of the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits yesterday Dustin Johnson grounded his club in a said bunker. Was it a bunker and was it his fault that he didn't know? Let us know what you think.


08:46 AM
College football is just around the corner. I'm a big Navy fan and I'm concerned that Air Force may be too much for the Midshipman this year. Of course you know Army is not even in the running. What's your thoughts on the upcoming Commander in Chief trophy for this year?


20:48 PM
Heading to McCabe's Tavern in a few to give away T-Shirts and kickoff the Rockies vs Diamondback tickets contest.


17:13 PM
Heading to McCabe


17:12 PM
Rivalry Rage's first press release hit the airways today. Check it out. http://prlog.org/10843986


17:10 PM
Go to the "News and Events" page and watch The Smack Pack as they bring you the Rivalry of the Week and talk trash to each other about the Boston Red Sox's and the New York Yankee's


14:42 PM
Wow!! Tiger Woods has shot a 77 in the final round of the Bridgestone Invitational and has put together his worst tournament score ever at 18 over par. He also finished in 78th place in a field of 80 players. Phil Mickelson can take the number 1 spot from Tiger as long as he finishes 4th or better. Is Tiger done?


14:37 PM
Rivalry Rage Fans...the new feature which makes all people on the site friends of Rivalry Rage is up and running. This is like "Tom" on MySpace and will allow everyone to see the main post we make. Hope you like this added interactive capability.


09:49 AM
Rivalry Rage fans....follow our new blog at www.rr-thejourney.blogspot.com


18:04 PM
Lou Piniella will retired at the end of this season. He will be missed by MLB and the Cubs. He's been a great part of baseball for more years than I can remember.


08:57 AM
I saw a first today. My wife booed when Northern Iowa won the upset of the year over the Jayhawks.


22:19 PM
I'm sad the world cup is over but it was a great 30 days and South Africa did a great job hosting this event. I can't wait until 2014.


10:46 AM
LeBron, Wade and Bosh together in Miami. I think they will win 6 championships with these three. How do you think they will perform and can they share the spotlight?


12:10 PM
Great WC matchups today. Who will be the final 2 in the semi's


09:34 AM
The German defense is containing the Argentina powerful offense at the 30 minute mark. Germany leads 1-0. Messi will need to be a bigger factor for Argentina to get back in this match.


09:32 AM
Great game but wow...what a bunch of dive's


11:01 AM
LeBron may stay in Cleveland now that Byron Scott is the Head Coach. What do you think.


11:01 AM
It in the Books. Brazil falls to the Dutch 2-1. The Melo red card for Brazil sealed the Brazilian defeat.


10:57 AM
Time is melting away for Brazil. It's tough to win with only 10 on the pitch.


10:48 AM
Netherlands leading 2-1. This is looking great for the Dutch and a big upset for Brazil.


10:28 AM
Thanks folks for accepting the rivalry rage invite. This will allow you to see all the information for contest and post we make to the site.


21:48 PM
Great event at McCabe's Tavern last night. Thank Greg for hosting the event and thanks Tonya Hall for coordinating and making it happen.


12:23 PM
What's on your mind?


14:35 PM
Rage'ers. The Red Sox and Rays play tonight. Let us know your thoughts on the game.


14:35 PM