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Haha dook loses to St. Johns.


09:55 AM
over 11 years
Damn Dr. Smack...where the hell you been hiding. You sure aren't talking in Smack on here.
over 7 years
Dr smack got braces thats why he aint talking anymore its hard to talk with a pallet expander and rubber bands it nearly impossible, he lost a bet to me and that was the repercussions so he will be wearing braces for two year and one year of head gear as well
haha how are you a friend of mine on here and a sox fan? i never really go on this site until pretty much today... oh... btw.. how did ya like that win for us today? i like seeing beckett get killed in person :D


01:14 AM
Still pissed that USA got knocked out of the World cup yesterday.


11:55 AM
Will do, what do I need to do to get points


14:46 PM
how do i get points?


14:13 PM
All though your Yankees beat the hell out of my Sox on Friday and Saturday, they didn't sweep them. And yes they are below 500 and may not make the playoffs. However the curse is not back. They'll be back, you just wait :)


11:08 AM
NEW YORK YANKEE'S ARE GOING TO SWEEP YOUR BOSTON PINKSOX (opps redsox lol) this week end PINKSOX aren't even playing 500 ball the curse could be back lol peace


06:39 AM
Yeah when we were first testing it out it did that so we had to fix it. Haha plus ass should be allowed anyways :)


18:22 PM
dude this is pretty cool! by the way... did that auto correct ass out of sunglass?


17:48 PM
haha I will take a look at this in more detail later on. I wanted to sign up to support you guys. I hate carolina!!!!! Later!


12:40 PM
Hey Steve, let me know how you like your biz cards when you receive them.


11:48 AM
Well thanks. But I'll bring em back to you this week. I joked to Tim about stealing them and then forgot to give them back.


16:02 PM
They look great on you!! :)


16:01 PM
That's to sexy looking dudes right there. How do you like those sungl***es?


15:59 PM
over 12 years
Love the profile pic!!! :)


15:49 PM