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Haha because I try and become a friend of everyone on RR. But yeah your Yankee's kicked Beckett's butt all over the place...I think he's lost it. But you were at the game last night? I was at the game the Yankee's had against the Blue Jays this past Tuesday. First time to Yankee Stadium and I thoroughly enjoyed Toronto kicking the Yanks butt on their own field. I just hate I didn't set fire to that place before I left NYC :)


15:41 PM
the denver area... might not be comin out there now tho. im back in school so once im done with my degree thatll decide where i end up going..


01:07 AM
Valy...I've lived here since Dec 2005. I love it here, though the winters can be long. What area are you moving to?


21:45 PM