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Bracketology with Rev. Rage
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 It is that time of year again. It feels like Christmas, without the maxed out credit cards, fully lit lawn decorations, annoying in-laws and nasty fruit cakes. It is March Madness and the brackets have been released. Now comes the arduous task of filling out your bracket, picking the upsets, knowing when chalk is the best choice, sure, all of us would have loved to see a 20 loss Liberty University team advance to the round of 64 and upset number 1 overall seed Louisville, but come on now, its just not going happen...plus the Flames lost last night to NC A&T. After numerous hours of pouring over the bracket and studying the different match-ups and teams and I have come to some observations about the bracket as a whole and about each region.



First and fore most, the tournament committee did a sub par job with this bracket. Why is Oregon a 12 seed? Anyone who watched this Oregon team knows that they are far from a 12, Joe Lunardi (ESPN Bracketoligst) had Oregon as a 7 seed, why did the committee feel the need to drop Oregon down to the 12 line. Why are Cal. and UNLV playing in the first round? These two teams already played each other this season, a matchup at Cal that UNLV won. It is wrong for teams that have faced each other in the regular season to play each other in the round of 64. It is wrong, and it did not have to happen.



Why are Midwest and South Regions so stacked, while the West and East are significantly weaker? The top seeds in the Midwest are Louisville, Duke, Michigan St. and St. Louis. Look at those top three teams. Rick Pitino, Mike Krzyzewski, and Tom Izzo all in one bracket. If you were to add up the RPI, BPI, and SOS of all the teams in the Midwest region it would be far and away the toughest of the four regions. Louisville received the number 1 overall seed and for all their hard work received a possible round of 32 match up with Missouri, a possible Sweet Sixteen matchup with St. Louis, and a possible Elite Eight match up with Duke or Michigan St. Tough times to be a number one overall seed huh? Louisville got a raw deal from the committee, as did Duke, The Blue Devils were all but a lock for a one seed last week, before a loss to Maryland in the  ACC Tournament, But even with that loss Duke has the nations best RPI rank, best SOS among the power conferences, 3rd best BPI, and more wins against the top 25 and top 50 of any team in the nation. Oh and Duke has only lost one game with Ryan Kelly on the court. To someone just looking at the numbers, Duke is clearly a one seed, but instead they are given a two seed in the number one overall bracket. Clearly, the committee does not like Duke.



I could go on about how bad this years committee did (see Middle Tennessee receiving an at large bid, or Gonzaga getting a one seed in a joke of a West region) but lets get on to helping you fill out your bracket.












# 9 Missouri OVER  #8 Colorado St.

Reason- These 8/9 match-ups are coin flips for me. But Frank Haith will have Mizzo ready to go, and they are due a win in the NCAA, after being upset in a 15 over 2 game last season.


#12 Oregon OVER #5 Oklahoma State

Reason- Oregon got screwed by the committee, they are MUCH better than a 12 seed. They will have chip on their shoulder when the take on the Cowboys and the Ducks will move on to round of 32






A note on the west. Anything can happen in this region. This region is so much weaker than all the others, If a 3, 4, or 5 seed is to make a run this year, they will come out of this bracket.






#5 Wisconsin OVER #4 Kansas State

Reason- The Badgers are tough. Plain and simple. These guys made a deep run into the Big Ten Tournament, arguably the toughest conference, they lost a close game to Ohio State, Bo Ryan is a better coach than Bruce Webber and sometimes in the Big Dance, Coaches. Win. Games!






#5 Wisconsin OVER #1 Gonzaga

Reason- This will come as a shocker to most people, but it should not. Gonzaga is over rated. They are played virtually nobody this season. Yes they have only lost 2 games, yes they are a good team, yes Mark Few is a hell of a coach, but Gonzaga should not be a one seed. Wisconsin is more physical than any team that the Zags have seen this season. It is a whole new ball game. Wisconsin will pound the paint and force the Bulldogs outside, if that happens, chalk this game up to the Badgers.



#3 New Mexico OVER #2 Ohio State

Reason- Call it a hunch, call it a premonition call it what ever you want, but the Lobos of New Mexico are going to beat Ohio State. They are just a better team right now. Believe me or not, but I think that they Lobos will move on to face #4 Wisconsin in the Elite 8.









#9 Villanova OVER #8 North Carolina

Reason- Toughness. That is all that can be said. Villanova is tougher than UNC. Jay Wright produces tougher teams than Roy WIlliams. There is something about Villanova this year, they just seem to show up when the have to.



#11 Minnesota OVER #6 UCLA

Reason- I do not trust Shabazz. UCLA is without their starting guard. And Shabazz Muhammed has been a streaky player this year. I just dont know which Shabazz will show up in this game. I do know that the Golden Gophers have struggled in the latter part of the year, but this match up bodes well for Minnesota. Tubby Smith will be marching on to the round of 32



#10 Oklahoma OVER #7 San Diego State.

Reason- Oklahoma is playing better ball right now. That is all.






#5 VCU OVER #4 Michigan

Reason- Shaka Smart is NCAA royalty. VCU will not yield to a young Michigan team, VCU will force Michigan to play their style of game. and have I mentioned Shaka Smart? VCU marches on.






#2 Georgetown OVER #1 Kansas

Reason- Just a hunch. The time feels right for the Hoyas to get to the Final Four.








#2 Miami OVER #1 Indiana

Reason- Senior leadership. Most people think that Indiana, or Louisville is the best team going into the tournament, I would argue that the Hurricanes are the best team going into the Tournament. The Canes are senior led, and boast one of the best players of the past few years, Shane Larkin. Miami has the bigs to keep up with Tyler Zeller and excellent guards that can score at will. The Canes will be marching on to Atlanta and Jim Larenaga will cut down the nets once again.




My Predictions






MIDWEST- #1Louisville vs. #2 Duke

WEST- #4 Wisconsin vs. #3 New Mexico

SOUTH- #1 Kansas vs. #2 Georgetown


EAST- #1 Indiana vs. #2 Miami


















If you think you can hang with the Rev, or actually do the unthinkable and beat me, follow this link to the Rivalry Rage bracket and play along :)


 I am a fan, just like you. I love college basketball, and I follow it very closely. I do not claim to know everything about all 68 teams in the field this year. But I have seen most teams play this season and the teams I have not seen I have studied. The great thing about March Madness is that anyone can win on any night. (see Lehigh over Duke last season) I may predict every game wrong, but know that I do not make these picks arbitrarily, I make them with lots of knowledge of this great sport. If you lose your bracket pool because of my picks, my sincerest apology but please go cry on someone else's shoulder. On the other hand if you win your bracket pool because of my picks, feel free to show me some love and send a little prize money my way!


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