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College Football...Week 2
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As with every week in College football, week 2 was exciting.  There were not big upsets for the week but a few games that were definitely worth mentioning.  The first game was #2 Alabama vs. Penn State.  Last week we mentioned this as a must see game and that was the case.  Anytime you put two great traditions on the field against each other it’s going to be exciting.  As expected, Alabama won this game, but how can anyone not enjoy a game between historic teams.

The second game worth mentioned from week 2 was the Notre Dame vs. #15 Michigan.  I hate to say it but I love to see the Fighting Irish lose.  As predicted last week, ND lost this game and they now are definitely on the hot seat.  The Irish faithful must be running out of patients after years of substandard performances.  The Irish have had few opportunities to cheer since Lou Holtz departed in 1996.  As a retired Navy guy - all I have to say is…ND…keep up the great job.  I’d love to see my Midshipman put the Irish away again beating them for the fourth time in five years.

There were a couple of teams that struggled in week 2 against teams that should have been easily beaten.  #13 Virginia Tech, #17 Ohio State, and #23 Texas all looked less than impressive.  Of these three I believe Texas and Ohio State will lose on the road in week 3.

Now for the biggest matchups and upset picks for week 3.  The biggest game of the week is definitely #1 Oklahoma at #5 Florida State.  Florida State is going to be too fast for Oklahoma and the Seminoles will win in a close one in Tallahassee.  While we’re talking about a Big 12 team the rumors are once again flying that the Big 12 will not survive.  This continues to amaze me.  The Big 12 has been one of the greatest conferences in the NCAA.  Can the big names schools really not figure out how to make this work?  So what if Texas started a new TV network.  I have a hard time believing the other teams in the Big 12 are struggling for revenue and I can’t believe they can make more money for their universities in the Pac-12 or other conference.

A few other big matchups for week 3 are #3 LSU vs. #25 Mississippi State.  The Tigers will win this game but it will be a great test to see just how good LSU can be.  This next game has less impact on the national stage but #15 Michigan State and Notre Dame will be a good show.  Notre Dame is in a must win situation after week 2.  What will they pull out of their hats this week to get them back on track?

Now for my upset of the week…and no I haven’t been drinking.  I’m picking Navy to upset #10 South Carolina this week.  Feel free to send us a tweet, email, comment on the Rivalry Rage site, or beat us up on Facebook if you think this is crazy.  I guess we’ll know for sure Saturday night.

Each year I like to try to predict the National Champions early in the year.  Of course my success rate for this selection is pretty dismal.  Even though my crystal ball is usually foggy, I’m going to predict Alabama vs. Boise State in the National Championship game with the SEC once again bringing the title to the Southeast.  The one wild card (and I’m sure there will be more than one) is the Wisconsin Badgers.  These guys are for real and could be the sleeper to win the National Championship.

As always we’re looking forward to hearing your predictions, thoughts and smack talk on the Rivalry Rage site as well as on our twitter and Facebook pages.  Keep watching, stay true to your teams, and keep the trash talk flowing.

Tim Jones

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