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DUKE vs UNC..........The Better Team.
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 To preface this note I will say this is to inspire debate and discussion. After the game on Wednsday night many people, including myself, have been discussing who the better team in the Tobacco Road rivalry is. But I think that it goes beyond this year. So lets look at the modern era of basketball. Since 1990 lets look at Duke vs UNC by the numbers. 


Number of head to head victories since 1990 .----------DUKE-29UNC-24


Number of ACC Regular Season Titles since 1990---DUKE-11 UNC-8


Number of ACC Tourny Titles since 1990-----.DUKE-11 UNC-6


Number of NCAA Titles since 1990.-------DUKE-4 UNC-3 


Number of Final Fours since 1990._____DUKE-8 UNC-9____Number of Elite Eights since 1990.______DUKE-9 UNC-11_____Number of Sweet Sixteens since 1990. ________DUKE-16 UNC-13_______Number of NCAA Tourny Apearances since 1990______.DUKE-21 UNC-19_____Number of current NBA players_____DUKE-17 UNC-12. -------------- There are stats above that favor both teams. After reading and considering the numbers (and if there are any that I left out, please let me know) .....Who has the better program in the modern baskeball era? Please site the reasons why you think one team or the other is better. Begin the debate


Matt Adams