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Louis Oosthuizen: Another South African Hero
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In a year when a European team won the World Cup in South Africa, a South African man named Louis Oosthuizen won the European's most prized golf championship, The British Open, on golf’s most hallowed ground, St. Andrews.

Again last week, many of us watched and wondered what Tiger was going to do.  Was he going to lose his 9th straight major or was he going to finally break through and win at his most favorite place in the world?  According to some analyst, he was going to have to win if he was ever going to make a final move on Jack Nicklaus’ 18 majors.  Personally, I sure thought this was Tiger’ weekend and felt pretty confident that he would win his 15th major at the Old Course.  Again, I was wrong (for the 3rd straight time, but who's counting?).  :)

I truly believe Tiger will find his game again, and also believe that he may just be better than ever when he does find his game.  But maybe, just maybe, even if Tiger had been on his game this weekend and playing like the Tiger of old would it have been enough to beat the determined 27 year old Oosthuizen?  I say no, even though I am a Tiger fan and usually not a fan of a "no name" player like Oosthuizen winning a major championship.  I now see that this one was possibly meant to happen.  After taking the lead in the second round, Oosthuizen never looked back.  I believed he would fall apart as I’m sure you may have also as so many do on those final two days.

But not Louis...he stayed focused and determined to be yet another South African hero.  His first comments, after winning the 150th Open Championship was not about him or his game or what he had just done, but rather he wished former South African president Nelson Mandela a happy 92nd birthday.  Mandela’s 92nd birthday, Oosthuizen’s first major and the mother of all majors all on the same day…coincidence?  I don’t think so.  I mean after all, Mandela has been known to inspire an entire Rugby team to win a little tournament called the World Cup.  :)

Stephen Bethea aka “Dr. Smack” – Rivalry Rage, Inc.