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Phil Mickelson needs to get pissed…like Tiger Woods!
Posted August 10, 2010 at 08:24 am 0 COMMENTS Bookmark and Share

At the Bridgestone Invitational this past week Tiger Woods had the worst performance of his pro career.  He shot a ridiculous 18 over par to tie for 78th out of a field of 80.  "Will Tiger ever be the same?" is a question a lot of people are asking and have been asking for some time now.  In the midst of Tiger’s worse than horrible play at a tournament he’s dominated the last 10 years, you have Phil Mickelson, on the verge -- once again -- of taking that prized number 1 spot in the world away from his rival, Tiger Woods.  All Phil had to do was finish 4th or better…after being at -5 after the first 2 rounds I started to think he might finally pull it off.  The problem is that Phil played his final round the way he used to play final rounds back before he won any majors.  You remember, back when he was the greatest golfer to never have won a major?  Yeah that’s how he played this final round, just like the old Phil we got used to that would show up on Sunday only to collapse either on the last few holes, or all 18 as he sometimes would.  This raises the question and the purpose of this post.  Can Phil Mickelson take that number 1 spot away from Tiger while under the pressure to actually do something to get it?  I mean, if Tiger continues to play the way he is now then eventually all Mickelson will have to do is make the cut and he’ll become #1.  But, even then, I’m unsure he can handle the pressure in knowing that if he makes the cut he’ll get that coveted #1 spot.

I don’t know why I enjoy seeing Phil struggle the way he does when the pressure is on, I really don’t.  He seems like a great guy that stays out of trouble and puts his family first (unlike some other top sports figures), but I just don’t like him.  I don’t like the way he whined when he missed the cut for the U.S. Open a couple years back because of a wrist injury he suffered due to the “thick rough that they purposely let get out of control to hurt players” and how he whined again this past British Open at St. Andrews when he thought he got screwed because of the time of day he played his first 2 rounds.  Apparently, the wind was blowing harder when he played compared to when all the other guys played.  I mean, really?!  Major championships are supposed to have crazy, insane roughs and when at St. Andrews, the wind is supposed to blow at hurricane strength!!

Maybe I would like Phil a little more if he would just lose his temper on the course sometimes.  Say the “F” word and throw a club if the rough is to “rough.”  Spit on the hallowed ground of St. Andrews and give mother nature the finger if the wind is blowing too hard; don’t whine to reporters like a little spoiled kid who’s mom didn’t get him coco puffs from the store that day.  Get out on the course and get intense, Phil...get pissed off!!

Some of you love the way Phil handles himself on the golf course, which may be a large part of the reason you love him so much. Others hate the way Tiger handles himself on the course and that may contribute to why you have such a dislike for him, but the way Tiger handles himself just happens to be a lot of the reason why I love watching Tiger so much.  Tiger brings that intensity and energy that I believe is missing from the game.  Which leads me to this conclusion…if Phil Mickelson would get pissed off and play with the same intensity his rival Tiger Woods plays with, I believe he may just get that #1 spot…and not just by default.

P.S.  BTW…apparently I’ve been known to throw somewhat of a "temper-tantrum" myself when my mother didn’t get me my coco puffs... :)

Stephen Bethea aka “Dr. Smack” – Rivalry Rage, Inc.