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Talladega...Never a Dull Moment
Posted April 25, 2010 at 06:11 pm 0 COMMENTS Bookmark and Share

What a day at Talladega!  When the NASCAR boys arrive at Talladega you know that the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is in full swing.  As usual, Talladega brought excitement, generated tons of scrap metal, and brought normally cool heads to the brink of boiling over.  Who would have thought just a couple of short years ago that Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson would be anything but great friends and supportive teammates?  Once again, in a continuing trend, Jimmie and Jeff ended the day on less than great terms.  The move by Jimmie late in the race to block Jeff (when he had a great run and a full head of steam) added one more log on the fire.  In this writer's opinion, Jimmie was way out of line.  If that poor attempt of a block would have been tried on anyone except a teammate it may be understood by race fans, but don’t block your own teammate…and co-owner of your car.  What are you thinking?  This hurt Jeff’s chance to make a great move toward the front and if you review the replay, it also hurt Jimmie.  It’s time for Jimmie to throttle back a bit.  He is, without a doubt, part of the best team in racing and will probably once again bring home the Championship, but it’s time to think about how you got where you are.  Jeff and the rest of the Hendrick Motorsports team had more than a little impact on your success.  OK, enough about that...

At the end of the day there was only one driver celebrating in victory lane.  Kevin “Happy” Harvick has triumphantly returned to the winner's circle after a 155 race absence.  Kevin may have driven the perfect race, hanging out in the back of the pack until the end, trying to avoid trouble.  As with any restrictor plate race there is always a little bit of luck involved in being in the perfect position with just a few laps remaining.  Luck or not, once you’re there the driver had better know what to do to close the deal.  Today Kevin made the perfect move on the last turn to edge out Jamie McMurray.  Congratulations Kevin on a fantastic finish.

Tim Jones – Rivalry Rage, Inc