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Tiger or Phil?
Posted June 17, 2010 at 10:48 am 0 COMMENTS Bookmark and Share

There's a lot going on in the sports world this week!  The World Cup is well underway, the NBA finals are 1 game away from crowning a new champion, plus, if that weren't enough, there is a "little" tournament going on at Pebble Beach.  The U.S. Open!!


Phil Mickelson is trying to win his first U.S. Open, while Tiger Woods is trying to bounce back and win his fourth U.S. Open and 15th major.


All eyes are on the two greats this weekend.  Phil has yet another chance to take the number 1 spot away from Tiger and can do so with several different scenarios.  Mickelson could take number 1 by winning, by finishing runner-up as long as Tiger finishes outside of the top four, by finishing third if Tiger finishes outside of the top 18, and in the rare case that Tiger were to miss the cut, all Phil would need to do is finish no worse than a two way tie for third.


Here’s the problem...Tiger Woods knows how to win at Pebble beach as it has proven to be one of his favorite places to play over the years. Let’s also not forget that the last time the U.S. Open was at Pebble Beach, Tiger won by 15 strokes.  I’ll say that one more time...15 STROKES!!!  Tiger has a lot to overcome on and off the course, but he still is number 1 and I believe it will remain that way after this weekend.


At this point, it seems as though Phil is viewed more as the favorite to than Tiger.  But, I believe Tiger just may turn things around this weekend and put an end to all this “he’ll never be the same” talk.



Stephen Bethea aka "Dr. Smack" – Rivalry Rage, Inc.