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Tiger Woods on the prowl
Posted August 13, 2010 at 01:37 pm 0 COMMENTS Bookmark and Share

Will Tiger Woods have what it takes to win his 15th major at the 92nd PGA Championship this week at Whistling Straits? After day one he’s 1 under par and currently 5 shots off the lead. It was nice to see Tiger playing well again yesterday after his worst performance in his pro career last week at the Bridgestone Invitational. Many thought that last week was just another step away from being the #1 golfer in the world. One reporter even had the balls to ask Tiger Woods how it felt to pretty much go "from the No. 1 player in the world to, like, one of the worst players on the planet." Tiger responded with "Well, the good thing is, even though I'm one of the worst players on the planet, I might be able to beat you. So I do feel good about that." I mean come on, that guy is a freaking idiot. Yeah sure, Tiger has been sucking it up to say the least, but one of the worst players on the planet?! Haha what a dumb A. He may have had one of the worst performances ever but make no mistake, he will be back and it may even get a little ugly when he does because I seriously doubt that once he settles in that anyone is going to have a chance to beat him. Tiger Woods has proven to be the best when under pressure and when in doubt...so all you haters and idiot reporters out there, thanks!! You are the ones that will need the applause when Tiger gets back to burying his competition.

Will this week be the week? I think so, but if it’s not, after watching yesterday, I believe he is well on his way. But, as a Tiger fan, I hope all you haters and idiot reporters keep up the good work...you all will be the reason he makes a comeback.  :)

Stephen Bethea aka “Dr. Smack” – Rivalry Rage, Inc.