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UNC vs Duke - No Blowout Here!
Posted February 14, 2013 at 04:21 pm 0 COMMENTS Bookmark and Share

 Anyone who expected a blowout last night has not been paying attention. This is Duke vs. UNC, this is the greatest rivalry in college, and perhaps the greatest in sports. When the Blue Devils and Tar Heels meet on the hardwood, anything can happen. Last night was proof, UNC, a team that has struggled all year, came out on fire, knocking down everything that they threw up. The players in light blue would have hands in their faces and still make the buckets fall. 

Duke came out cold as could be. They played sloppy basketball the first 17 minutes of the game. Passes went array, shots were no where near the mark, the entire team combined had one assist in the first half, they looked lost and out of sync. 


When the ball was in-bonded by UNC to start the second half you could feel a change in the winds. Cameron was rocking, the Blue Devils had more than likely endured one of Coach K's very motivational halftime speeches, (complete with many expletives) and they were ready to play. Duke started making smart passes, making great plays on D, none bigger than Quinn Cook stealing the ball and subsequently drawing a foul early in the first half. 

A different Duke team came out after halftime. A team that was ready to play. A team that would defend Coach K Court with everything they had. 

Did Duke look like a championship contender last night? The Chapel Hill faithful will say "hell no", but this writer is unconvinced. I saw a team without a senior captain (Ryan Kelly) playing their arch-rivals in the most pressure filled game of the year. That same team saw their arch-rivals come out shooting very well and dogging them on D. But, that team also railed from 10 down to go up for good with 13 min left. Part of the mark of a championship caliber team is finding a way to win. Last night Duke found a way to win, and it was a big win indeed. 

-Rev. Rage