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What is Rivalry Rage?
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Rivalry Rage™ is a social network designed to enhance existing sports rivals and to create new rivalries between sports teams.  This site will enable hardcore sports fans to support their favorite teams and to talk trash about their rivals.  You can talk smack to your team’s rivals all year long and talk smack to weekly opponents.  Rivalry Rage™ allows you to establish one favorite for every sport you follow and create as many rivals as you like.  This site will allow you to upload videos/photos, post on blogs, participate in chat rooms, establish your fan team/network, talk trash to your favorite team’s rivals, and earn points by being the ultimate fan.  You can earn points by participating in or creating new blogs and chat topics, uploading your videos/photos, voting on photos/videos others have posted, and inviting others to join your Rivalry Rage™ network.  Earn points to get your profile picture on the RIVALRY RAGE™ Home Page as the “Ultimate Fan” for all fans around the world to see.  You earn points by participating in all this site offers and earn maximum points by bringing new members to join your network.  You and your friends can talk trash to each other and to opposing fans via the chat feature while watching the live action.  We are excited to see just how big a sports fan you are.  So you think you’re the ultimate sports fan…BRING IT!  Rivalry Rage..."The Ultimate in Sports Smack Talk Entertainment."