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World Cup Group Play Crunch Time
Posted June 23, 2010 at 07:41 am 0 COMMENTS Bookmark and Share

Group play has heated up with four teams firmly in the round of 16.  The next three days will have more exciting games as several groups still have all four teams alive and fighting for the top two spots.  Unfortunately, the host country of South Africa as failed to advance and becomes the first host nation to not advance into the round of 16.  It appears that Ghana may be the only African Nation team to advance into the second round.  As for the United State, Germany, and England the equation for moving into the next round is simple…all they have to do is win.  The group play has definitely been full of excitement with the craziness of France, the lackluster play of Spain, New Zealand on the verge of shocking the world by advancing our of group play, and the fight of the African Nations to keep a dream alive.  I’m think this is just the beginning and the excitement will escalate as we move into the elimination rounds.  Will Argentina win with their incredible front line, will Brazil take home the cup for an amazing sixth time, or will there be an unexpected Champion for the 2010 world cup?  Whatever happens it will be fun to watch.